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Welcome to Pathweb, a Pathology resource created by the Department of Pathology, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (NUS Medicine)!


Here, we illustrate Pathology in a digestible, practical, clinically oriented manner.

Pathology is the face of disease – it is the recognition and understanding of disease by clinical clues, laboratory investigations and tissue morphology. It is the basis for understanding why and how diseases occur, and what effects they cause in the living patient.

You will find 3 main resources rolled into one:

Virtual Pathology Museum – A Virtual pathology museum with interactive, 3-dimensional pathology specimens, linked with clinical vignettes, radiologic images and microscopic correlates. There are several open access chapters. If you are a university student or teacher in the health sciences and would like full access to the Virtual Pathology Museum, please register for a user account.

Pathology Demystified – A fully open access, chapter by chapter illustration of General and Systemic Pathology with video mindmaps, talking pots and talking slides, and interactive quizzes.

Radiopath Museum – A unique library of radiologic images shown in tandem with gross pathology specimens - the first of its kind! This is currently under construction. It will illustrate the structural aspects of abnormal organs, with gross pathology and diagnostic imaging hand in hand. Click HERE to view a sample chapter.

We hope you will enjoy stepping into the world of Pathology!


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