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Welcome to our Virtual Pathology Resource! Here, we illustrate Pathology in a digestible, practical, clinically oriented manner. Pathology is the face of disease – it is the recognition and understanding of disease – by clinical clues, laboratory investigations, tissue morphology. It is the basis of understanding why and how diseases occur, and what effects they cause in the living patient.

You will find 3 main resources rolled into one:

Virtual Pathology Museum – A Virtual pathology museum with interactive, 3-dimensional pathology specimens, linked with clinical vignettes, radiologic images and microscopic correlates.

Pathology Demystified – A chapter by chapter illustration of General and Systemic Pathology with video mindmaps, talking pots and talking slides, and interactive quizzes

Radiopath Library – A unique library of radiologic images – the first of its kind, illustrating the structural aspects of abnormal organs.

We hope you will enjoy stepping into the world of Pathology!

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