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II. Main Diseases of the Breast

Main disease categories



                Benign epithelial lesions

  • Arise from TDLU, some have increased risk of malignancy
  • These are subdivided into Proliferative vs Non-proliferative lesions; with or without atypia


  • Benign vs Malignant (in-situ vs invasive)
  • Which component do they arise from – epithelium or stroma?
  • These are often picked up early because of our National Breast Screening Programme

                 Developmental disorders

                Hormone related conditions (eg. gynaecomastia in males)

MINDMAP: Broad overview of conditions of the breast

If you can't play the video, watch it here on YouTube: https://youtu.be/4KVl3A8gOvk

MINDMAP: Neoplasms of the Breast

If you can't play the video, watch it here on YouTube: https://youtu.be/FbUO5Igsvgk

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