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GIT – I. Function

GIT (mouth to anus)

Main Function:

  • To regulate the intake, processing and absorption of ingested nutrients and disposal of waste products.
  • Several specific processes occur during the passage of food – movement (due to peristalsis of the gut), secretion, digestion, absorption and excretion
  • All these processes must work well in order for the gut to achieve its ultimate role in the nutritional state of the body

Main functions of specific components:

  • Oesophagus – Conduit between oral cavity and stomach
  • Stomach – Storage, acid and pepsin secretion for early digestion
  • Small bowel – Most of the action happens here. Digestion (enzymes provided by pancreas; bile acids for fat emulsification provided by liver) and absorption of nutrients.
  • Colon – Storage of digested material, small amount of water absorption

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