Haematolymphoid Pathology: Exercises and Talking Pots

Here’s your chance to apply some Clinicopathologic Correlation – correlating what you see grossly and microscopically with the clinical features  of diseases.

1. Look at these two gross pictures. What do they show? What similarities and differences are there?


What are the diagnoses? Try to describe the gross features and work it out.

For the answer, click on the Talking Pot:  Two cases of lymphadenopathy compared

View these in the Virtual Pathology Museum: Tuberculous Lymphadenitis and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

2. Mr Loh is a 64 year old man who presents with an enlarged cervical lymph node and a hoarse voice. The microscopic slide of the lymph node is shown here:


What is the diagnosis? What is the structure that is circled in the picture?

For the answer, click on the Talking Slide. Did you get the diagnosis right? Where do you think the primary source is?

3. Here is another Talking Slide.
This time, the lymph node is PAINFUL and lymphadenopathy is accompanied by fever.  Which gross lymph node picture in (1) above corresponds to this?

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