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Healing and Repair



Whenever tissue is injured, the body reacts, usually in the form of inflammation and haemostasis. With time, the body attempts to restore normal structure and function – this process is known as healing/repair.


Think about it… : Sometimes, healing occurs primarily by regeneration (i,.e. same tissue type grows back), whereas in others, it occurs by scarring – why do you think this happens?


Where to start? 

Let’s define things.


What is healing and repair?

Healing/Repair – The body’s attempt, after injury, at restoring normal structure and function. It usually consists of two processes – tissue regeneration and fibrous organization (scar formation), in varying combinations.

MINDMAP 1: Overview

This mindmap provides a brief overview of healing and repair.

If you can’t play the video, watch it here on YouTube: https://youtu.be/whKBXyz72Bk

In the next page, you will learn about the Main Processes and Key players in Healing and Repair.

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