IV. What are the main events in inflammation?

Now that you know there are two main types of inflammation – Acute and Chronic, we can look at the main events for each. Once you recall the main events, you can better work out the individual processes and the cellular and chemical players involved.

1. acute inflammation

Main events:

  1. Vascular events
    • Vasodilation
    • Increased vascular permeability
  • Think about how this leads to the warmth, redness, swelling …
  1. Cellular events
    • Neutrophil recruitment -> emigration out of circulation -> chemotaxis to site of injury -> activation -> phagocytosis and clearance
  • Think about how the neutrophils get from the blood to the site of injury, and what they do there

2. chronic inflammation

Main events:

  1. Inflammation and tissue injury
  2. Attempts at repair
  3. Immune response

mindmap: overview of acute inflammation

If you can’t play the video, watch it here on YouTube: https://youtu.be/N9NhucExl9E

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