A Real Life Case Demo

Now that you have completed the quiz, here is the real case from the beginning…. Do the QUIZ before continuing!

History: A 12 year old boy presents with progressive swelling of the right wrist, associated with pain that is worse at night.

Imaging: (X ray)

Surgery  is performed, and the amputation specimen is received in the Pathology Lab, and is seen by the pathologist.

How does the pathologist handle the specimen, to prepare it for diagnosis?

The first step is the “cut-up” or the trimming of the specimen, i.e. sampling of relevant areas for microscopy.


Video I (Osteosarc part I)

Video II (Osteosarc part II)

(If you can't play the videos, watch in YouTube: Osteosarc part I and Osteosarc part II)


After this, the specimen is cut into smaller pieces, and processed and subsequently made into microscopic glass slides. You will learn more about this during your Clinical Posting in Phase IV.

Here is longitudinal section of the bones showing the tumour:

Here is the microscopic slide showing the tumour. You can see the micro description when you attempt the Quiz on the previous page..

The pictures and videos on this page are provided by Dr Victor Lee.

The quiz questions are provided by Dr Victor Lee.

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