Virtual Pathology Museum

Welcome to our Virtual Pathology Museum! You will find both virtual microscopy slides and virtual pathology pots here.

Explore our virtual pathology pots – you can rotate and magnify them - almost as if you are holding them in your hands! Click on the bottom left orange arrow to open up the label menu, so that you can view annotations.

Here are simple instructions on how to manoeuvre the Virtual Pots.

Many more features are available – Clinical vignettes, Macroscopic descriptions, Microscopic correlates and even unique radiologic images enabling you to “see through” the pots!

View this in tandem with Pathology Demystified, and test your observational skills before you reveal the annotations!

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General and Systemic Pathology Virtual Slides 

Click on the icon below to access the virtual slides in the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (NUS Medicine). These are some examples of conditions that help to illustrate principles of General and Systemic Pathology, and are arranged according to tutorial topics.

Pathweb was created for undergraduate and postgraduate students of medicine and medicine related fields (e.g. health sciences, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, biomedical sciences).

If you are not student or staff at NUS Medicine, kindly REGISTER if you would like to obtain access. Please note that the process may take several working days.

Virtual Microscopy Slides

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